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Writers Inspiring Change book review: I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I Would, but My DAMN MIND Won't Let Me!: A Simple Guide to Help You Understand and Manage Your Complex Thoughts and Feelings (Words of Wisdom for Healing Book 1) by Jacqui Letran. Having read dozens of similar books over the years, this particular book resonated at a very quintessential level. It was nearly impossible not to find myself reflecting on my own life, my own behavior and the internal dynamics within. I had to take pause many times just to let the bits and pieces sink in. While the author has written a number of books to help teens navigate the sometimes troubled waters leading to adulthood, this particular book is adapted for adults, and it speaks to adults in a very easy and profound manner. If you wonder why you have doubts about yourself, why your goals and dreams, no matter how hard you try to stay positive about them, seem to fade in the mist like a boat floating out into the fog-ridden sea, then you should read this book. The principles are not necessarily new, and are covered in many other books, but what makes this book special is the manner in which the author illuminates both the pros and cons and functionality of our subconscious mind, and shows us where other systems tend to fall short (the power of attraction, positive thinking systems) by isolating the emotions from our past which hold us, like slaves, in the maws of our own subconscious mind - emotions which, despite the best of intentions, work against our success and happiness. Highly recommended.

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