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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Cast Them Dead

In contemporary Hollywood, five people in the movie industry agree to participate in a lottery to commit murder. The lottery is designed so that four of the five will have no way of knowing who the actual killer is. Their intended victim is Able Dane, a brilliant but self-absorbed film director who has damaging material on all of them and is literally making each of their lives a living hell.

The lottery is completed. The murder committed. Time passes and it looks as if the crime will not be solved. One policeman however, is not content to let his cold case freeze. He brings in his former military mate, San Diego Private Investigator Brig Ellis, to help.

Soon, multiple motives begin to be uncovered and bodies begin to pile up. Prime suspects, the actual lottery participants, are being eliminated one by one. By whom? And why? What is really going on? Who is responsible? And who actually killed Able Dane? It’s up to Ellis to find out if he can avoid becoming a target himself.

About Joe Kilgore

Joe Kilgore has won awards for novels, novellas, screenplays, and short stories. His tales have appeared in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary publications. Prior to writing fiction, Joe had a long and successful career creating, writing, and producing television and radio commercials, plus newspaper, magazine, and Internet content for an international advertising agency. He is the author of INSOMNIAC: Short Stories for Long Nights (Encircle Publications, October 2021). Joe also writes novel reviews professionally for national and international firms. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Claudia, an accomplished artist.

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