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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: June V. Bourgo

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC): Tell us about yourself… June: My name is June V. Bourgo, I was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. I live with my artist husband on beautiful Vancouver Island, off the western coast of British Columbia. My writing is influenced by the raw beauty of nature and the Salish Sea that surrounds our home. My debut novel, Winter’s Captive, is inspired loosely by my own survival and lessons learned from an abusive relationship. It was re-released Nov 2017. Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of the Georgia Series was re-released Dec 2017 and continues the journey of Georgia Charles. Missing Thread, Book 3, rounds-out the series and was re-released end of 2017. I write stories about strong female protagonists who are challenged in a suspenseful and fast moving adventure with a touch of magical realism and the supernatural. I am currently working on a new series. Magnolia Tree, The Crossing Trilogy, of which Book 1 is now in the editing stage. This is a story of family secrets, hidden journals, and a touch of supernatural.

IWIC: Tell us more about your writing … June: I write inspirational stories for women in fiction. I started my writing career by writing historical references for a landscape artist and contributed magazine articles to a single parenting magazine. I have written a three-book series, The Georgia Series, which follows the life of a woman who suddenly is faced with life or death decisions and how her choices affect an eight year period of her life. I have started a new series, Magnolia Tree, Book 1 of The Crossing Trilogy, which is in edits and soon to be released.

IWIC: Is there a message in your work … June: I want to share the lessons learned from an abusive first marriage and choose to do so in a tale of fiction. Winter’s Captive was intended as a one-up book, but soon, the character of Georgia Charles took on a life of her own and two more books in the series emerged.

IWIC: Tell us more about your book … June: In Winter’s Captive, several months have passed since Georgia Charles’ husband has left her for his pregnant assistant. Georgia travels to the Yukon to visit a friend, only to discover she herself is pregnant. Georgia is unexpectedly kidnapped by bank robbers and she manages to escape into the vast wilderness of north-western British Columbia. After a snowstorm leaves her hopelessly lost, she discovers a cabin. Georgia’s will to survive is tested, as she acknowledges her previous life could never have prepared her for the harsh wilderness surrounding her. Faced with perceived past failures, a lack of survival skills and a pending childbirth, she reaches the brink of emotional breakdown. She envisions a native spirit, imaginary or real, who aids her in discovering her personal strength. With the companionship of a Raven, called Feathers, who plays a significant role in Book 2 and Book 3, Georgia faces unimaginable adversity on her journey of survival and on the road to empowerment. She experiences childbirth and unearths a maternal strength to endure. The reality of her relationship with her ex-husband emerges, forcing her to examine the role she played in their marital demise. Winter’s Captive is a compelling story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Georgia Charles’ journey is one of self-discovery testing her strength of character not only on a physical plane but on an emotional and mental level as well. This is a story that examines the roles played in relationships and its perceived myths and expectations. In our modern world with all its stressors, it needs heroes. Georgia Charles is a heroine.

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