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Writers Inspiring Change book review: Hunting Shadows: A Family's War

Updated: Mar 24

An Epic Historical Fiction

Hunting Shadows - A Family's War by Carole McEntee-Taylor and Brian Corbin is a fascinating historical fiction based on the actual lives of the Corbin family and others associated. Almost epic in its depth, this story takes us from a peaceful town in Britain, where a family is not only torn apart by the incipient war and attacks on England by the NAZI forces, but the sudden murder of one of their own. We follow the dramatic thread of each member of the family and those close to them, as the war rages; taking us into war zones in the South Pacific, France, North Africa and of course, England. Each story, like threads, form the weave of a fascinating story that spans the war and its domain, and finally culminates in the most unexpected and certainly no less exciting, finish, one that answers all the questions, all the secrets that surround this war-time family and what happened to them, who was working for which side; and finally, the truth about the family member who was murdered years before. Definitely a recommended read for war-buffs, historical fiction lovers, and frankly, anyone who loves a good story.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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