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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Retribution: A dish served cold

Updated: Mar 24

RETRIBUTION, by Ron A Sewell, is a twisted crime thriller, and frankly, one that takes sudden turns that one simply could not see coming. At the outset of this novel, John (Jack) Daniels, Chief Detective, finds out that his sister has been brutally murdered. He knows who did it and he wants justice now, but others within the law enforcement community don't see it as he does, so John promptly steps down from his position in the force and sets his sights on payback. Through the pages of this book, we come to know Daniels as a person, making it very easy to identify with this very private, hard-hitting man who yet has a soft core, a mix of humor, romance and old-school principles, who not only seeks vengeance, but who is vulnerable too - and of course, the thread of love starts to weave another story within the story, one that adds another dimension to this crime thriller. While there is little mystery about who killed John's sister, the real question which draws the reader into the story, and which the author skillfully unfolds, like peeling away layers of onion skin, is how does John find that justice and even when he finally does, how did he accomplish it. Layers! Recommended.

About Ron A. Sewell

Age - Old enough not to listen to idiots.

Born in Edinburgh

Happily married to Sheila, we both got it right the second time.

At the age 14 with my passport and an almost empty rucksack I headed for the south of France. Here, I had a fabulous time working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

If you choose to read my books and find you do not enjoy them please with my good wishes buy and read another author. Thank you for trying.

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