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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Cast Them Dead - A Brig Ellis Tale

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Cast Them Dead, by Joe Kilgore, is a classic detective crime novel in the Brig Ellis series. Ellis, a former military man who becomes a private sleuth, is contacted by a former military buddy, now working in the Hollywood PD, who needs Brig’s special investigative skills to help solve a cold case, the murder of a Hollywood film director. What appears on the surface to be a cut and dry investigation, turns into a bizarre string of murders, with Brig surfing the very edge of a cesspool of blood and death as someone takes out the very witnesses, he needs to solve the case. As always, with the Brig Ellis novels, it’s difficult not to like Ellis, with his casual, almost flippant approach to his work, and an acute mind that connects subtle dots – drawing the reader along in the intrigue of “who done it?”. In Cast Them Dead, the surprise ending shows the talent of Kilgore’s writing skill. Highly recommended, along with the other book, Fool’s Errand, in this series.

About Joe Kilgore

Joe Kilgore has won awards for novels, novellas, screenplays, and short stories. His tales have appeared in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary publications. Prior to writing fiction, Joe had a long and successful career creating, writing, and producing television and radio commercials, plus newspaper, magazine, and Internet content for an international advertising agency. He is the author of INSOMNIAC: Short Stories for Long Nights (Encircle Publications, October 2021). Joe also writes novel reviews professionally for national and international firms. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Claudia, an accomplished artist.

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