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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Storm Dreamer

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

A murder thriller with a unique twist

Storm Dreamer by June V. Bourgo, the 3rd book in The Crossing Trilogy, is a murder thriller unlike most in that genre. In our modern times, the subject of past lives is becoming less mythology and more fact as people, whether through regressive therapy, or other means, pull back the veil on former lives they have lived. In this case, a young woman is plagued by nightmares her entire life, the image haunts her so much that with the help of a therapist they soon discover a shocking revelation about who she was and how she died in her former life. Madie Hayes, driven by the knowledge that she was murdered, goes after the man who did it, a man who is still alive to this day. Not only a thriller, but one that taunts the reader to consider another paradigm, one where the vestiges of our former lives remain with us, and moreover, opening the forum for a new discussion.

About June Bourgo

June V. Bourgo was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. She and her artist/writer husband, Dennis live on Vancouver Island. The island sits off the western coast of British Columbia. Between them, they have three adult children and nine grandchildren. June’s writing is inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape and the Salish Sea that surround her home.

Her writing began with magazine articles for a single-parenting magazine, and writing historical copy. Her love of novel writing grew from there. As a Creativia/Next Chapter Publishing Author, her debut novel, Winter’s Captive, Book 1 of The Georgia Series is inspired loosely by her survival and lessons learned from an abusive relationship. Chasing Georgia is Book 2 of the Georgia Series and Missing Thread, Book 3 of this series continues the journey of Georgia Charles This is a suspense/thriller family saga that inspires forgiveness, redemption, and women’s empowerment with a touch of Magical Realism. Magnolia Tree, Book 1 of The Crossing Trilogy was released in 2018 and Chameleon Games, Book 2 was released in July, 2019. Book 3 was released In August, 2021. Book 1 encompasses the disappearance of a mother and the search by her daughter to solve the mystery and continues throughout the trilogy with the aftermath of her search and how it affects various characters. Again, the author’s writing style follows a suspense/thriller adventure with a touch of the Supernatural.

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