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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Mashka

Updated: Mar 24

A haunting historical narrative…

Around midnight on July 16, 1918 the last Tsar of Russia and his family were slaughtered in a small basement in the Ural region of Russia. Amid the upheaval of the days and weeks leading up to the massacre, the Tsar’s middle child, nineteen-year-old Maria, provides the most intriguing clues to the family’s shadowy and atrocious demise.

Born into one of the wealthiest and most powerful families on the planet, Maria’s arrival was a disappointment to her parents – and an entire nation. She was not the boy, and heir, that Russia wanted and needed. When Civil War breaks out in Russia, her father is taken into custody, and the family is sent to a residential prison ruled by the vengeful Ural Soviet. Inside the Ipatiev House, the family struggles to adapt…and then to survive.

Experience their mysterious final hours reimagined through the eyes of Maria, chronicling each shattering turn with devastating honesty as she comes of age – and finds unlikely love – during a brutal war for power. Her human struggle to survive is painted in heart-rending color and adds warm flesh and blood to the imperishable legend that has encased the royal family of Russia for over a century.

About Sophia Gallegos

Sophia Gallegos is a novelist with a passion for stories that give voice to women and children who have been silenced by systemic oppression. When she isn’t reading, working her day job in the court system or gardening, she loves crafting prose. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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