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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: I would, but my damn mind won't let me!

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The meanest girl in school…

…was the voice in her head.

Are you ready to take back your thoughts?

After conquering low self-esteem and depression, Jacqui Letran became passionate about teaching others how to retrain their minds. With 20 years of experience as an adolescent nurse practitioner and teen confidence mentor, Jacqui helped thousands of young adults embody Peaceful Confidence™

An accomplished, award-winning author of the Words of Wisdom for Teens series, and host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast, she devoted her life to helping teens and young adults heal and grow. What she’s learned along the way is we have the power to change our lives by changing our beliefs.

Our subconscious mind is powerful.

It can stop you from doing what you want with fear and doubts.

But did you know you have the ability to change it?

Deep-rooted (and faulty!) beliefs can cause us to feel as if we’re not good enough, or that something is wrong with us. With thought-provoking questions and proven techniques, this guided journal to the book, I would, but MY DAMN MIND won’t let me! will help you reprogram your mind to be positive, happy, and successful.

It will transform your inner mean girl into your best friend and #1 ally.

You’ll love this journal because it gives you daily step-by-step actions to create a powerful sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love — where anything is possible.

About Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is an Author, Speaker, Nurse Practitioner, and Teen Confidence Expert. She blends more than twenty years of experience working with teens in the medical and holistic settings to provide time-tested, practical guidance to help teen girls embody Peaceful Confidence. Her multi-award-winning Words of Wisdom for Teens book series is considered a go-to resource for teens, parents of teens, and anyone working with teens.

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