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Writers Inspiring Change Feature Book: Homo Cosmicus 2: Titan

Updated: Mar 24

Homo Cosmicus 2: Titan is a sci-fi novel, sui generis, a sequel of the first Homo Cosmicus novel. It’s something like Arthur Clarke’s Odyssey books, which, in his words, are not direct continuations of one to another.

The action takes place mostly on Titan, Saturn’s satellite, in 2069. Earth’s civilization rises to the dawn of a Type-II civilization on the Kardashev scale, one having full use of its solar system’s planets and satellites.

Titan turns out to be mankind’s gold mine. Interplanetary trade relies exclusively on Titan as its key hub. From here, massive deliveries of hydrogen and nitrogen depart to the colonies on Mars, Venus, the asteroids, and Jupiter’s and Saturn’s satellites. The settlements on them go on accelerated rates, together with their exploring expeditions.

The private corporation CSC along with NASA have launched ten scientists on a mission to Titan. They get their inspiration from their own discoveries, which the wrapped-in-dusk-and-mystery satellite conceals. And at that moment, all of a sudden, deaths begin to occur. Are they murders or just accidents?

One by one, the mission’s members die ominously and mysteriously. Things coarsen more and more until Dr. Eddie Roberto disentangles the crimes. The weird deaths follow a fixed sequence: the sequence of a minstrel song known to us from Agatha Christie.

What will Earth with its new civilization of GMO men, cyborgs, and androids look like? What kind of civilization has it become? And what is its future?

About Todor Bombov

Todor Bombov lives in Varna, Bulgaria, the town called the Pearl of the Black Sea.

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