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Listing your books in our store is easy and cost-free!


We sell eBooks in ePub, PDF and Audio book formats directly to customers, which are instantly downloadable once purchased. We also provide shoppers with links to your books in other stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

If your books are published on Amazon, no problem at all. The formats we sell directly to customers do not violate your terms with Amazon, except in the case where your Kindle book is locked in with Kindle Unlimited for a period of time. Otherwise, you are free as a bird to list your books with us. 

As to converting your book(s) to ePub format, it takes seconds to do using one of many free book converters available in your app store, or just use one of these two CONVERTIO or TOEPUB - both are free.

If you hit any snags along the way, just email us your book/short story in word doc or PDF format and we'll convert it free of charge.

BONUS: Authors who list their books in our store have access to our BOOK NEWS feature, meaning, you can send us news about events, media, top reviews, and we'll post it at BOOK NEWS.

Got more questions? Go to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or email us at



1. Please read our Terms & Conditions below. It's the boring stuff and just takes a minute.

2. Send in the Submission form below.

3. Email us the ePub and/or PDF version of your book(s) and/or short story(s) you wish to list and sell in our store. to:

Note: You can use CONVERTIO or TOEPUB (free book conversion apps) to convert your book to ePub, or if you prefer, you can send your book to us and we'll convert it for you at no cost to you.

4. Let us know what price you want to list your book.

5. If your book is already listed on Amazon, we'll download the cover, author bio, book description and reviews from that page. If your book is not listed on Amazon or another site we will ask you to email us this information along with the book cover image.

6. Provide us with your PayPal email address so we can send you the proceeds from sales of your book(s) at the end of each month.

7.  We publish your book page, usually within hours of receiving the information.

That's it!

Normally, your book or books go live within 24 hours.


Which formats will you list with us?

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you really soon!

Author Terms and Conditions

(Updated 25 January 2023)

To list my book(s) and/or short stories at the iWIC or International Writers Inspiring Change bookstore I have read and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. I understand that by listing my works in the iWIC bookstore that iWIC does not retain any ownership or rights of my works. Those rights are solely the property of myself, the author.

  2. If the book or books I want to list and sell in the iWIC bookstore are contractually published through a publishing house (not another store such as Amazon) I have coordinated with my publisher regarding listing my book(s) for sale at the iWIC bookstore and that they, my publisher, have authorized/agreed to this and that they have also read and understood the Terms and Conditions laid out herein. iWIC cannot be held accountable for any disputes arising at a later date between my publisher and myself regarding listing of my books in the iWIC bookstore - and in the event of such unresolved dispute, iWIC retains full rights to summarily remove my book(s) from its store without incident or repercussions to iWIC.

3. I understand and agree that by listing my book(s) and/or short story/stories for sale at the iWIC bookstore that I am authorizing iWIC to sell my books in the formats they offer, at an agreed upon sale-price, and that the store is authorized by me to promote and advertise my books through their site, using any legal and available promotional and social media channels they choose to engage.

4. I understand and agree that the iWIC bookstore offers discount coupons to shoppers, consequently, the remittance from sales of my books will be in proportion to the value of the discount offered at the time of sale.

5. I understand and agree that the iWIC bookstore will transfer the revenues from sales of my books and/or short story/stories to my PayPal account at the end of each month based on sales between the 1st and last day of that month. The sum transferred to my PayPal account will be minus an 8% service fee for the store, and the transaction fee charged by the credit card handling agency which is automatically deducted by them at the point of sale. The final sum transferred to my account will be based on US dollar value. I understand there could be minor variances in the final amount received in my PayPal account due to fluctuations in currency exchange values between countries and that iWIC is not accountable in any way for variances caused as a result.

6. I understand and agree that the iWIC bookstore does not alter or change anything regarding my works, and that it only lists and sells the formats as delivered to them by myself; and that it is my responsibility to ensure that updated versions of my works are provided to the store. 

7. I understand and agree that the iWIC bookstore is in no way responsible for any copyright infringements or illegal copying or pirating of my books and/or short story/stories that may occur after the point of sale and delivery to the end customer.

8. I understand and agree that it is entirely within my rights to request that the iWIC bookstore remove my book/books and/or short story/stories from their site at any time I choose. I also understand and agree that the store retains full rights to remove my book(s) and/or short story/stories from their site if they deem it is necessary, without repercussion whatsoever.


1.  Is the IWIC bookstore a publishing house/agency?

The IWIC bookstore is NOT a publishing house. It is an online bookstore.

2.   My books are already listed for sale on Amazon, is that a problem?

Amazon has no exclusive rights to sell your books unless you opt in to do so, such as with their Kindle Unlimited program, which binds you to Amazon for a certain time period. Otherwise you are free to list with us.

3.   My books are published through a publishing house/agency, is that a problem?

Check with your publishing house - most of them will be interested in expanding distribution channels. Moreover, we can adapt the royalty payouts from sales of your books in accordance with your contractual terms with them.

4.  I am an Indie/Self-published author, is that a problem?

We love Indie's - bring it on!

5.  How do I get paid for sales of my books?

You provide us with the email address to your PayPal account. At the end of each month, we forward the proceeds from sales of your books directly to your PayPal account.

6.  Is there a fee to list my books in the IWIC bookstore?​

The only fee we charge is when a sale is made. We retain 8% of the sale price and the rest, barring the transaction fee charged by the credit card company or PayPal, goes to you. In fact, we pay out some of the best royalties anywhere.

7. What is ePub and is it easy for readers to use?

ePub or electronic publishing, is simply another form of digital eBook, like Amazon's Kindle, or Barnes & Noble's Nook. ePub is one of the most popular formats of eBooks in the world, which can be opened and read on free eBook reader apps which are easily downloadable from iPhone or Android phone stores. ePub provides readers, who do not necessarily shop eBooks in other formats, with an alternative format to read. 

8.  How do I convert my books to the eBook formats you offer?

There are free online book converters that take just minutes to use, such as Convertio and

You can also email your word doc or PDF version and we'll convert it for you at no cost.

9.   Are my books protected from copyright violations?

We make it very clear on our shopper policies that all books are intellectual properties owned and protected by the authors who authorize us to sell their works. If shoppers violate copyright laws, they do so at their own risk.

10.  Are my books secure with your site?

Yes. Your works are safely stored through a secure server provided by our website provider and are inaccessible unless purchased by a customer. 

11. Do I have to purchase one of your features to be eligible for the store?

No, not at all. Our Feature Author and Feature Book spotlights, which include book reviews, are a separate offering to authors, but are not requisite to listing your books/short stories for sale in our store.

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