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  Terms of service by IWIC - International Writers Inspiring Change 

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1)   I understand that the book review offered through IWIC in no way makes the reader (reviewer) nor IWIC accountable for statements or critiques presented in the book review. 
2)   I understand that I am responsible for providing IWIC with a copy of my book that I wish to have reviewed. 
3)   I understand that the Author Spotlight Interview, Book Spotlight and Book Giveaway are services provided by IWIC which are based on information which I will provide to IWIC and that in no way is IWIC accountable for the information featured as a result. 
4)   I understand that once my Author Spotlight Interview, Book Spotlight, Book Giveaway and/or Book Review is posted to the IWIC websites that the service is considered complete and non-refundable. 
5)   I understand that IWIC has the right to distribute and display/promote my Author Spotlight Interview, Book Review, Book Spotlight and Book Giveaway through its various channels and social media as it deems suitable in the provision of its service. 
6)   I understand that if I so choose, I can request that IWIC remove my Author Spotlight Interview, Book Review, Book Spotlight or Book Giveaway from its sites. 
7)   I understand that IWIC retains the right to remove my Author Spotlight Interview, Book Review, Book Spotlight or Book Giveaway from its sites without liability should it consider or deem that such is necessary. 
8)   I understand that IWIC reserves the right to make minor adjustments to any material which I send to them for the purposes of my author feature article, called the Author Spotlight Interview, my Book Spotlight, Book Giveaway and even the Hall of Fame should I be chosen to be featured therein. Such adjustments would not alter any significant content but would only improve upon grammatical aspects or wording so as to better the presentation. 
9)   I understand that I can request that IWIC adjust or change wording on my Author Spotlight Interview, Book Spotlight or Book Giveaway after it is posted to their sites. This does not apply to Book Reviews.
10) I understand that IWIC is not a membership organization and that it provides a unique author promotional package as detailed on this site.​