IWIC or International Writers Inspiring Change was created to fill a need. As an author of many books, I saw a need for a platform where authors could get FREE book reviews. I was tired of seeing sites which charged money to review books, because I truly feel that a review, like a compliment to someone, should be sincere and not bought. I set up Writers Inspiring Change to provide reviews, as well as two simple but helpful services (at very low cost) to help spotlight their inspiration and books. IWIC services all authors, veterans of the trade or upstarts. As an author I appreciate what it takes to produce a book, start to finish, and I have received invaluable help from other authors in my journey. Lastly, I advocate for literacy - I believe it is a duty incumbent on authors to both retain the beauty of the language, and to encourage people to read. Reading feeds the soul - and today I am quite shocked to see how many Millennials do not read and the importance of connecting them with literature for the future sake of our culture.

We welcome all authors!

Author, Réal Laplaine