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​"International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC) has been amazing to work with. Their organization is super supportive and their services extremely helpful for an author's career. It's been a joy to work with them."

Annette Oppenlander, author of award-winning bestseller 'Surviving the Fatherland'​

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International Writers Inspiring Change is a wonderful platform for new and established authors to showcase their work. The book reviewers are wonderful and fair and I have been nothing but pleased with the people I have had the privilege to work with, from the author spotlight to the book review layout and advertisement. This group is great. Thank you for your all your efforts on behalf of authors everywhere. 
Diane Merrill Wigginton, author of the award-winning Jeweled Dagger romance series

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At International Writers Inspiring Change we promote authors, their books and their inspiration.

We provide a unique promotional package called the  Author Spotlight Promotion which includes the following:

1)  a feature author interview which we call the Author Spotlight, where we tell your story, what inspired you to write and what message you are weaving in your books  

2)  a feature book ad of one of your books 

3)  a feature book giveaway of one of your books

4)  we generously splash these features throughout our social media circles to over 10,000 people 

5)  we post each feature here on our site as well as at our unique Author Spotlight iMagazine providing long-term exposure for the author and their books

6) we provide a FREEbook review of one of your books which we post on our sites, as well as to Amazon and Goodreads, as well as splashing the review throughout our social media. 

7)  we also feature authors at the Author Hall of Fame, those who impressed us with their social outreach initiatives, and every author we spotlight is encouraged to keep us informed about successes, events and sales results which we happily publish at theAuthor News-Spot.

​Every author we spotlight is automatically enrolled in our annual awards program whereby our judges select the authors in each literary genre to receive The Most Inspiring Author Award.

​​You get all of the above in one package - and for one price!

​Read more below, or browse our pages and see if International Writers Inspiring Change is a fit for you!

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The Author Spotlight Promotion includes:

1)  The exclusive author interview

2)  The book feature ad

3)  The book giveaway ad (optional)

4) A FREE BOOK REVIEW when you purchase this promotion.

5) The other perks as described above.

You pay a one-time fee of $17.99 (plus tax). Click the START button, fill in the form and we will send you an invoice by email. Once that is paid, we will ask you to send us all the information we need to create your complete Author Spotlight!

Welcome to International Writers Inspiring Change.

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