Author Spotlight Interview:  We do an exclusive interview about you, your books and your inspiration.

Book Giveaway Promotion: (optional) We provide a feature book giveaway promotion of one of your books.


The Most Inspiring Author Award: Every author we spotlight is automatically enrolled in our awards program to be eligible to receive our annual, The Most Inspiring Author Award, given out to authors of each literary genre (August of each year).

"I highly recommend authors especially new authors, to take advantage of the incredible services offered by IWIC. Their follow-up and customer service is highly noteworthy and beyond outstanding.  IWIC gives the author an opportunity to have their work(s) promoted internationally.  They also provided an invaluable service where the author can further build their platform and highlight their brand. This is only a few of the valuable services that IWIC offer.  It was a well-deserved investment."  

Phyllis Lawson, author of Quilt of Souls 

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Exposure: We feature each of the above at our website (here), at The Author Spotlight iMagazine and we generously splash them repeatedly throughout our social media channels to thousands.

Hall of Fame: Every author is eligible to be featured in our Hall of Fame where we spotlight authors who are taking it to the next level.

Book Review:  We review one of your books and feature the review.

"International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC) has been amazing to work with. Their organization is super supportive and their services extremely helpful for an author's career. It's been a joy to work with them." 

Annette Oppenlander, bestselling author of 'Surviving the Fatherland'

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The IWIC NewsSpot: We invite authors whom we have spotlighted to keep us informed of events, news and sales successes which we then spotlight at the IWIC NewsSpot.

Our objective at International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC) is to spread the inspiration of authors and writers far and wide. Authors and writers have always been catalysts for positive change in the world because they plant seeds and introduce new ideas, they stretch the envelope on technology, visions and the humanities. As our name implies, we want to promote a better world - and while not every book was written to accomplish that end, we have found in the course of working with authors that every one of them had a backstory, a vision or an inspiration they wanted to spread - and that's what we do, we help tell your story while promoting you and your books and helping you to inspire the world! 

Book Promotion Spot:  We do a feature promotion about your book.

InternationaL writers inspiring change

What makes IWIC different as a promotional platform for authors and their works?

We are here for the long-haul. We want to inspire the world by spreading the works of authors, like yourself. We don't care what genre you write in, whether fiction, non-fiction, historical, poetry or literary fiction, we know that every author we have worked with has a message they are trying to say to the world. Whatever that message, there is inspiration there. Everyone has been inspired by someone in their lives - and we think that every author should have maximal chances at exposing their works to the world. We're not thinking in terms of short-term cash profits, we're thinking in terms of promoting authors so that their words echo down the corridors of time. That is why we offer so much for so little, because our team is dedicated to that purpose and to bettering the world we live in - and what better way to do that than to promote the works of authors. 

Our AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT PROMOTION is the medium we use to accomplish this. It is a multi-level promotional program which provides a lot of bang for your buck, so to speak. We get great feedback from authors who have used us and we don't mind bragging about it because that is our goal, to put authors in the spotlight.

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