At International Writers Inspiring Change, or iWIC, our goal is to help create positive change in our world by promoting and spotlighting authors and their works. Throughout time, authors have planted the seeds for change in our culture. Their inspiration can be seen all around us. 

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We provide a promotional forum where authors and their works can be spotlighted. We do this by offering free book reviews, as well as our unique Author Spotlight Promotion, an exclusive interview with you, the author, where we tell the world about you, what prompted you to write, what inspiration or message is contained in your works and of course, we put the spotlight on your books. Every Author Spotlight Promotion is featured here, on our main website, as well as at the Author Spotlight iMagazine, and, we generously splash it all over our social media channels to thousands. We do the same with each book review, as well as posting our reviews to Amazon and Goodreads.  

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