First of all, our book reviewers get the opportunity to read your work and provide an honest review which then gets posted to our sites, both here and at the Author Spotlight iMag, as well as at Amazon (where possible) and Goodreads. Our reviews are always free.

Secondly, our Author Spotlight Interview and Feature Book Spotlight put you and your books in front of more people. Our followers/readers are growing every day. More exposure is a win-win scenario for any author. In today's competitive book market, with thousands of new authors showing up every year, finding ways and means to put your books in front of readers is vital.

Lastly, our reviews, and spotlights remain on our site and at the Author Spotlight iMag permanently.

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To get your FREE Book Review, Author Spotlight Interview or Feature Book Spotlight, just click the button. You will be directed to a page which provides a sign-up form for each of those services. Select the one you want, fill it in and press SUBMIT. That's it!

For a one-time fee of just $9.99 we do a Feature Book Spotlight, where we feature your book for a minimum of one week. This service also includes a free book review, and both are posted to our website here, as well as at The Author Spotlight iMagazine and promoted to over 7000 followers/readers through our social media for five separate days.

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This is NOT a paid service. We believe book reviews should come from the heart and not the pocket book. If you request a book review from us, we will assign it to one of our reviewers who will provide an honest review of your book which is posted to our Book Reviews page as well as to our Author Spotlight iMagazine. We also post the reviews to and to Amazon where possible. Again, you will never pay for a book review from us - that's our policy.

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For a one-time fee of just $14.95 we will do a feature Author Spotlight Interview on you. In this interview we explore what inspired you to write, what inspiration you may be spreading through your works and we spotlight your book. This service includes a free book review. The Spotlight is then featured on our website, as well as at the The Author Spotlight iMagazine, and we generously splash your interview and book review to over 7000 followers/readers through our social media circles for five separate days.

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