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The Author Spotlight Promotion is a unique interview about you, the author, and is featured here at our website, at the Author Spotlight iMagazine site and is generously splashed to many thousands of our followers through social media channels for weeks. The Author Spotlight Promotion automatically includes a free book review which is also posted to all our sites and generously splashed to thousands through our social media channels for weeks.
There is a one-time fee of $14.95 (US dollar value) for this service. An invoice will be emailed to you which can be paid through credit card or PayPal.

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Writers Inspiring Change

International Writers Inspiring Change is a promotional platform to spotlight authors and their works.

We are not a membership organization.

We provide free book reviews and our signature Author Spotlight Promotion, a unique interview with you, the author, provides an excellent means of promoting yourself and your work to thousands of potential readers through our channels.

For a nominal fee, we do an interview with you and about you, what inspired you to write, what inspiration or message you are trying to convey through your work, and we also spotlight your book(s). Every Author Spotlight Promotion includes a free book review.

We're quite dedicated to spotlighting authors and telling the world about their inspiration and books. We know what it's like to sweat and toil for months, or years, and the victory of publishing a book - and we enjoy putting authors up on the soapbox and trumpeting their accomplishment.

On this site you'll find all our book reviews as well as all our Author Spotlight Interviews.

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We generously splash all our book reviews and Author Spotlight Interviews to our followers, for weeks, and your review and interview remain on our sites for future visitors to see.

Take a tour of our site. Watch our intro video below. And visit the Author Spotlight iMagazine and check out all the authors we have featured.

Enjoy and we look forward to spotlighting you and your books.  

There is no cost required. We reserve the right to provide book reviews as soon as possible, considering volume of requests received. Once we have processed your request, we will get back to you with instructions on where to send your book. All our book reviews are posted here at our website, at the Author Spotlight iMagazine site and are generously splashed to many thousands of our followers through social media channels for weeks.
​NOTE: There is no catch. In today's world, where everything seems to cost something, we believe that book reviews are not one of them.

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