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International Writers Inspiring Change or IWIC, which is much easier to remember, was created for two reasons. First of all we understand how much blood, sweat and tears go into publishing a book. Second, books are a catalyst for change in our world - and because a society (or any living organism in fact) must either advance or regress, it needs new injection of ideas and perspectives to keep it alive and advancing - otherwise, as history reveals, cultures die and become buried in the dust for archaeologists to exhume. Writers plant seeds with new ideas and outside the box thinking, which eventually brings about change in all the arts, sciences and humanities. It doesn't matter what genre a writer uses - ideas push the envelope. Sci-fi authors were writing about space opera in the 1930's and 1940's, depicting technology at that time which was considered pure fiction, and today, much of what they depicted is no longer fiction - and within a matter of years man will be landing on Mars and heading for the stars.

We provide this forum to spotlight authors and their inspiration - it's that simple. We charge a nominal fee, in fact, very low considering the value of what we give, but we're not in it for the money - we actually have a mission in mind - to help inspire the world and the future by spotlighting authors and their works. We do that by providing just ONE promotional package to authors which contains the whole shooting match. What you see here is what you get, and so far, authors have told us that they are very happy with the service. 

We don't monitor sales, and we don't consider that Amazon ratings or reviews are the only measure of success. Our book reviews are good and we know that every one of them helps push authors a step closer to success, as well as our exclusive interviews, book spots and book giveaways. We are also proud to be able to feature authors in our Hall of Fame, those who are taking their inspiration to the next level, and we are proud to confer an award to authors of every literary genre annually, our MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD which every author we spotlight automatically becomes eligible to receive.

At International Writers Inspiring Change we want to see a better world, a world of peace and opportunity, of advancement for the whole human race. And we think writers are the vanguard for that change.