At International Writers Inspiring Change our goal is to help create positive change in our world. We do this by spotlighting authors and their works, because authors have, throughout time, planted the seeds for change. Authors, such as Arthur C. Clarke, who shifted the paradigm with his book 2001: A Space Odyssey; or George Orwell who changed our perspective on the future with 1984; or even J.K. Rowling who sparked a world of magical imagination, authors create change by inspiring us. We have found that no matter what genre an author writes in, there is a message they are attempting to spread. We provide free book reviews as well as a very special and unique service we call the Author Spotlight Promotion, an article about the author, what prompted their writing, what inspiration they are spreading and we talk about their book. We post the Author Spotlight interview and our book review on our sites, which includes the Author Spotlight iMagazine, as well as spreading them to thousands through our social media channels. Our reviews are also posted to Amazon and Goodreads.  Each year, we bestow the Most Inspiring Author Award to authors of each literary genre. It might not be the Nobel Prize, but you can proudly display the award. See the 2017 winners HERE. And, we also feature authors in our Hall of Fame, those who are taking it to the next level of inspiring the world.

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